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Jim assesses the extent of the storm damages on one customer's property after Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012.

Storm Clean Up

The impact that Hurricane Sandy had was extensive, and in some areas, that impact can still be seen today. We were fortunate, compared to other areas, to have received such little damage to our homes. Nonetheless, clean ups still had to be done to remove debris from properties and freshwater ponds (the debris and salt water contamination is extremely detrimental to the stability of the freshwater ecosystem).

So, in the event that another such storm hits our area, please don't hesitate to call us to assess your clean up needs. 

Our company also offers Snow Removal Services! Please contact our office to get on the Automatic Plow List* if you are interested. 

*Note on Snow Plowing: Homes come second to EH Town removal needs. We have a contract with the town to remove snow from Montauk town's main roads and sidewalks. Our contract stipulates that once we have completed these areas, we are free to send our guys and machines on to our customers' homes. We understand that this is a bit of a hassle for anyone in a rush to get dug out, but please know that the effectiveness and timeliness of plowing town properly depends on minimal civilian traffic in the way! We thank you in advance for your understanding.