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Morning Glory, a part of the Passion Collection. Photo courtesy of Sandra Alcorn.

Featured Artist

Meet the Minds behind the Creations.

Home is a special place that seems to inspire us, even when we least expect it. And Montauk is one place that has inspired so many of the talented artists that call it home. That's why we have given our gift shop an entirely new focus. We are now showcasing a variety of home and garden decor, gift items, and artisan food items that are all locally made.

Every month or so, we will give you a peek at a new treasure and insight into the minds that made them. You might want to take a minute to add us to your favorites list, you'll want to keep an eye for our next great find!

Spring 2015

Sandra Alcorn of Petal and Pins, is a fashion designer from Tasmania. Luckily for us, her studio looks out into an "slightly unkempt but enchanting garden" that inspired her first Garden Fairy's dress. Over the years, her collection is still growing, along with the enjoyment she takes in creating them.

"Part of that enjoyment comes from their ephemeral nature and the immediacy of being able to transform a design idea into reality..."

Sandra has found the perfect way to combine her two passions, and bring the fleeting moments of the garden's seasonal colors indoors for us to enjoy year round. Her designs highlight details in the flowers and foliage of the seasonal garden that often go unnoticed. She brings them to life with her high-style sense of design, and with the imagination of a child that believes in fairy tales. Whether you send them to friends, or frame them as a trio on your wall, Sandra's collections are a must-have, unique treasure that add a bit of whimsy to any day.